Magnesium Manufacturing Consultants

...I will continue to buy many dies from Extec as these are the BEST!


Ullrich Aluminium

…I thank you also for your flexibility and responsiveness to the recent spate of urgently needed dies. The service we have received has been outstanding.


Architectural Profiles Limited

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for their hard work and commitment last week in manufacturing and trialing the new Vantage door frame dies in two days, an outstanding achievement. …we had some new dies that needed cutting urgently. We rushed them down to Extec who cut the dies immediately, the dies were trialed on Friday night, the metal was then heat treated on Saturday morning, powdercoated on Monday morning and doors built on Monday afternoon and assembled in the conference room ready for our Vantage conference today.


McKechnie Metals

I would like to take this opportunity of complimenting you and your team on the delivery performance of Section X153. Following your sterling effort of two days tool time we trialed on day of receipt, nitrided, extruded and packed the 2.9 tonne order by Sunday – six days from receipt of our customers order to completion.

Customer Service has always been important but especially so these days and the fine contribution by your team enabled us to perform for our client in Australia. Well done! May our businesses prosper together.